September has been amazing with a trip to the UK for a couple of performances by Pangaroos. We played a lovely concert at the Kenn Village Hall (one of the oldest village halls of its kind in the UK) and premiered some new material. We hope to get some of this material recorded shortly on a Pangaroos album - so look out for the next project to come out of Grooveboy Studios!

The day after the Pangaroos gig in Kenn we travelled to HangOut UK, a festival for handpan players and lovers near Farnham, UK. We headlined the Saturday night concert and had a great time showing some of the new additions to our live set - live looping, Akai EWI4000S for phat bass lines and synth lead lines, bansuri etc

Here is one of the pieces that we performed:

I'm so happy with our new direction, and am loving the new tones that the EWI4000S is bringing to our music!