Jeremy Diffey - Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes, Handpan, EWI, Keyboard, Vocals


With a music career that has seen him performing on stage, screen and at sea, Jeremy is a truly diverse and in-demand musician.
He has performed on many television shows (including Australia's Got Talent, The Singing Bee, X Factor and Hey Hey It's Saturday), as well as in the musical theatre pit, and backing international artists.

Jeremy's music arrangements can be heard internationally by singers in Las Vegas and at sea, as well as on television programmes in Australia.

With a studio in Melbourne, Jeremy is able to compose, record and arrange for any size project, and has worked on some truly amazing albums!

Jeremy performs on Keilwerth Saxophones, Selmer Clarinets, and Pearl Flutes, and uses Rico Reeds. He also performs on a very new instrument, known as the handpan.

Jeremy is an Akai Pro artist - performing on the Akai EWI4000S. This funky instrument allows him to perform with a hugely varied tonal palette. It can be used in different styles of music - from modern jazz to electro house!


imPossibilities: Explorations in Wood & Steel

It can be a lonely thing setting a goal of composing, performing and recording everything on an album! I wanted to write music that was unique, and had a broad tonal palette. The overall theme of this album was to write and perform music that would be difficult to put together, due to the rarity of some of the instruments that I used. Playing it all myself made it possible, and was a great challenge! I hope that you enjoy this music.

For an idea of the instrumentation on the album, here is the complete track list.

1. SatyatA
Bb Clarinet, BElls “Protus”, Alto Flute I & II, Bass Flute I & II, EEb Contra Alto Clarinet, Khartal, Shaker, Tambourine, Finger Cymbals, Cajonico, Cabasa

2. ReMiDiFi
Bb Bass Clarinet I & II, EEb Contra Alto Clarinet, BBb Contra Bass Clarinet

3. Conflict
BElls “Hijazkiar”

4. Revealing Angels In The Architecture
Bb Soprano Saxophone, Halo “Golden Gate”, EEb Contra Alto Clarinet, Khartal, Shaker, Finger Cymbals, Cajonico

5. Contraption
Bb Bass Clarinet I & II, EEb Contra Alto Clarinet, BBb Contra Bass Clarinet

6. Sunset Over Arcadia
Saraz “Arcadian”, BElls “Protus”, BElls “Hijazkiar”, Halo “Avebury”, Eb Sopranino Clarinet, Bb Clarinet I, II & III, Bb Bass Clarinet, EEb Contra Alto Clarinet, BBb Contra Bass Clarinet, Eb Alto Saxophone, Cajonico, Calabash, Shaker, Ride Cymbal, Suspended Cymbal

7. Epilogue: Civilisation’s End
Bb Bass Clarinet

8. Road Trip
BElls “Protus”

9. Schism
BElls “Protus”, Eb Sopranino Saxophone, Bb Soprano Saxophone, Eb Alto Saxophone, Bb Tenor Saxophone, Eb Baritone Saxophone

10. When All We Haven’t Got Is Time...
Bass Bansuri in Concert E, Asachan “Annaziska”, EEb Contra Alto Clarinet, Drum Kit, Shaker, Tambourine, Bongos, Finger Cymbals

11. Requiem
Halo “Avebury”


So many people have helped me throughout this project, and I truly thank you all!
Firstly - Rachel, Parker and Tristan for being an eternal source of inspiration, love and support. The rest of my family have helped in the most amazing ways.
Adrian Portia - my Pangaroo partner... For being a sounding board throughout the project. For loaning me your amazing Annaziska Asachan, bongos, calabash, and drum kit.
The wonderful Handpan community that I have met both online and in person at some great gatherings around the world. The amazing handpan players who influence my playing - David K, Manu, Dante (RIP - Requiem is for you), Colin, Adrian, Lauri, Jeremy, Koji, Jaron, Sam, the list goes on!
I play with so many wonderful musicians in my daily life, and I want to thank them all for sharing this wonderful gift of music with the world. Quite a few of them were subjected to rough mixes of the pieces throughout the recording process, and their reviews helped a lot!
The great teachers who have shared their time and experience over the years and helped me become the musician that I am today.
William Musig at Ready Please Mr Musig for keeping my woodwind instruments in peak performance condition. You have been so good to me for many years, and I truly value your friendship.
Dave Temby and Glenn Foster at The Music Place, Jason Dean at Innovative Music (RME Fireface and Audient), Mark Chierego at OPR microphones, Stéphane Gentil at Henri Selmer Paris, Anita Caltabiano at Orchestral Supplies Australia (Pearl Flutes).
Luis Eguiguren at BEllart, Mark Garner and Josh Rivera at Saraz Handpans, Kyle Cox, Jim Dusin and Aaron Ximm at Pantheon Steel, Ezahn San Bueraheng at Echo Sound Sculpture,Thomas Ben Tov at Aviot (Cajonico), Pratap Gujar for his beautifully crafted Bansuri Flutes, Ron Oswanski at Applied Microphone Technology, Phil Binotto and Ryan McCluskey (for the cymbal loans), Phil Smith for the loan of your lovely Golden Gate Halo, and Eric Budd for the loan of your beautiful bass flute.
Dorian West for lending his ears and experience to mastering the project.
Lisa Young (and Katherine) for taking the time to come out to a hangar on a Sunday morning and taking some great photos for the album.
Fergus and Ugg for helping me build an amazing space to create music in.
Thanks to all of the wonderful handpan makers who are furthering this great artform - it’s an exciting time to be involved with this gorgeous instrument.